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Paul Henderson on Customer Success Programs

In this episode, we talked to Paul Henderson of Outcome Leaders where we extensively discussed customer success programs.

Here are some key takeaways from this episode:

  • Know who your customers are and what success look like to them.

Having that clarity will make your job a hell of a lot easier. It'll also increase your conversion rate and make your whole marketing approach a lot more efficient and cheaper because you know exactly who you're marketing to.

  • Know your target customers.

We don't want to have anyone and everyone as a potential customer. If we know and are clear about whom we want to deal with, why and what value we can add to them, what we do well and what we're going to make the most money on, we can tailor our marketing and our approach to those businesses. Its one thing to win the job but it’s another to win jobs that are actually going to be profitable in your small business.

  • Understanding what a success outcome looks like to your customer.

Once we understand the vision of the success outcome, that's where we can really get some client engagement and be a lot closer to meeting what their clients' expectations are.

  • Think outside the square.

Forget the status quo and why things can't work, and just throw a whole lot of new ideas about your industry and what could work. If you do that, there will be something in there that will make you standout from your competitors, and there will be a new service line that you can offer.

  • The importance of customer success program.

Through this program, we are encouraged to get our thinking caps on and come up with new products that can differentiate us with our competitors. If we have a customer success program and we're really meeting that client's true success outcome, then we're going to have sticky clients. That means, ultimately, better cash flow and our business is going to be worth more at the time we eventually sell it.

Check this out! Theodore Levitt’s Marketing Myopia, a Harvard Business Review article.

It talks about knowing the business you're in and once you're clear, everything else will flow from that a lot easier. Read it here:

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