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Facebook Advertising

This week we talk to Perry Henderson, CEO and founder of Missing Links Social Media, where we discuss Facebook advertising, the importance of targeted content, and so much more. Here are some of the key learning from this episode:

1. Learn to target and track your social media advertising activities

There are a number of tools that you can purchase and download to help you track your social media activities. This is very important because through this practice, you can measure your return on investment. The worst thing that can happen is that you keep throwing money at something that's not working, or something is working and for whatever reason you go and stop because you do not know and understand the end result.

2. Understand your cold, warm and hot audience.

In social media advertising, there are three levels of audience: Cold, warm and hot. Be sure to create specific campaigns to your target audience. Give value first on your content, make it worthwhile for someone to listen, and the engagement will surely follow. Don't come on too strong. Don't ask them for the sale on the first date. That is a way of building trust with your audience, people will see through it if you are just out there to see, no one likes being sold to.

3. Maximize the free content but, ultimately, get an expert

There are a lot of free content to study and know more about social media advertising online such as the websites mentioned in the episode. But when you feel you need more guidance and would rather focus on running your business and delegate the promotions to an expert, best to call on Perry and check his site

4. Have an organizational chart in your business

An organizational chart in your business will help delegate and identify the tasks of each team member in your organisation. Simply put, this step will help your business flow and maximise your employees’ output.

5. Plan an ideal week

Plan out what you do that's of most value. If you're doing low value work and it's taking up too much of your week, plan to set some time aside to do the high value work. Get your ideal week established, make your team aware of it and commit to it.

6. Dig deeper

If you’re dealing with difficult people, dig deeper and seek best to understand how they are going. Life's all about relationships and it is best to not react on the same level when emotions are running high. Take the high road and try to understand where the other person is coming from. From here, you will have a better understanding and resolve conflict faster.

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