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You can reach me on

0414 711 854

or via email

I’m a Chartered Accountant & Business Advisor with a passion for helping small business owners increase profitability, cash flow & quality of life.

I believe that the challenges of sport often mirror those we face in small business.  In addition to my Accounting qualifications, my passion for sport has led me to obtain a Bachelor of Sports Studies. I use these learnings to help small business owners optimise the performance of their business.

I still play Australian Rules Football, and having played with and against multiple elite level AFL footballers,  have seen what focus and commitment can do in both the sporting arena.

I get no greater thrill than helping small business owners grow their business,  increase profitability, & improve cash flow  to the point that it  delivers an amazing life for its owners.

When I'm not helping entrepreneurs or playing football I can be normally be found on the beaches of the NSW Central Coast with my wife and young family.

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