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Leveraging Your IT To Grow & Protect Your Business

We have Leon Black, Director of Inspiration at Inspired Techs, in this episode of Get to the Contest Small Business Podcast. We talked about the Data Breach Legislation, using IT in your business and so much more. Here are some of the key takeaways from our talk with Leon:

1. Train your staff.

There are a lot of phishing and scams trolling around the internet these days. Attack via email is the most common phishing activity. The first step to combating these scams is to make sure your team is trained. It is your responsibility as a business owner to make sure your staff is aware of what phishing is and how to avoid it. Take time in training them and invest in learning more about multi-factor authentication. It is absolutely critical, particularly in a cloud based world, to be doing this to protect your and your clients' data.

2. Know about the Data Breach legislation

There are laws to protect clients and consumers with regards to mismanagement of personal data and information entrusted to businesses. If your business does not take the extra measure of protecting clients’ data, this may cause a problem down the road.

3. IT is an investment not a cost

Find an IT partner that will work with you strategically and will understand your business, and will ultimately align the technology with your business goals. IT services is more than fixing a slow computer, it is an investment vital to your business if you do it right.

4. Done is better than perfect

Most people wait for the right time to present their product commercially. Tell you what, there is never a right time or the perfect product. Get out there and take the risk in launching your product. As time passes, you can work on improving your product rather than holding back and trying to create “perfection”.

5. Consistency is key

With consistency, your clients always will know what to expect. If you can deliver consistently and all procedures are documented, your team members’ work flow will be much more efficient as well.

CHECK IT OUT! Leon Black shares the key book that has influenced his personal and business life. The book's title is TRACTION by Gino Wickman.

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